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Annual e-commerce sales figures in the U.S. stand at a staggering $300 billion, while annual growth stands at 14%. These statistics show that this is the best time for you to learn how to sell clothes online. However, setting up an online clothing store, or creating an account with popular e-commerce stores doesn’t guarantee sales. You must implement your marketing strategies to attract and retain customers. One of the biggest marketing strategies to include in your plan is social media. With more than 3 billion people using social media today, you’re guaranteed of making sales if you do it right. This article rounds up top tips on how to successfully sell clothes on social media:

High-resolution images are the cornerstone of selling clothes for money on social media

Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook thrive on visuals, which means posting high-resolution pictures of your products is the surefire way to sell clothes over there successfully. Great images today include well-lit subjects, clean backgrounds, as well as styling advice. A golden rule of thumb when posting images on social media is to use multiple photos of the clothes you intend to sell. Also, ensure you take the photos from different angles so that customers have a comprehensive view of what they are about to buy. If you have mannequins, you can present your clothes on them. Better still, you can hire a model to present your clothes. With the proliferation of Smartphones, digital cameras, and photo editing tools, there is utterly no excuse to not present high-resolution photos on social media.

Craft high-converting product descriptions if you want to sell cloth for money on social media successfully

Product descriptions are a critical part of marketing clothes online because customers are not able to see the clothes physically. The descriptions will help customers figure out the perfect fit for them regarding size, color, and style. The key to selling clothes online lies in persuading customers to buy. A persuasive product description should be able to address customers’ pain points. Get to know their needs and tailor your description to address those needs. Your product description should be descriptive enough and to the point. The description should also address all the questions customers have in mind about clothes they intend to buy. Talk about the features and the benefits of each element. The descriptions should be in bullet points to enhance readability. Bring out the credibility of your brand using review and social proof. If your clothing brand has been endorsed by a public figure such as celebrity, politician or magazine, make sure to include that in your description. Endorsements and testimonials from authentic sources can help enhance your conversions.

Develop trust in your brand if you want to sell clothes online successfully

When selling clothes on social media, avoid being overly promotional; doing that will erode the trust your customers have in your brand. Instead, balance out social media posts and promotional content. The first course of action when selling clothes on social media is to engage and develop trust first. Once customers build trust in your brand, you can start heavy promotions. The good thing about cultivating trust is that customers will start buying your products and referring others even without you pitching your products directly to them.


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